Sunday, August 3, 2008

people, people, people

I've spent the last few evenings in good company and yet in very different settings. On Wednesday I got to go to a major league baseball game for the second time in my life. It was the Washington Nationals vs the Philadelphia Phillies. I might not need to say it but, for those who haven't been following baseball recently --the Phillies won. The best part of the game were the people who I got to go with. The people who have made being 'all here while I'm here' fun and encouraging.

The following night was also a great time because of the people but it was an entirely different setting. I went to Evermay for an intimate evening talking about books and other things. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed in that type of setting and yet I also feel strangely welcomed into the Trinity Forum community.

Friday night, I got to join a really amazing group of girls for a relaxing girl's night. Talking, eating, playing games, it was a refreshing evening. The following night, I gathered together with my TFA friends and my dinner group from Easton. They drove all the way out to DC to have dinner with us! What a time! There was something that felt more relaxed than usual about that evening as well.

Then Sunday night, I got together with all my new but precious friends from Church of the Advent. More talking than I was ready for (I was wanting to play some frisbee) but, it was another affirming time with people who I want to continue knowing.

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