Monday, August 4, 2008

I can't even get a temp job

For as much as many people have told me 'you're doing the right things' when it comes to finding a job in DC, it doesn't actually feel that way mostof the time. The truth is that I'm still looking for work in DC. The strangest thing is that even though I may be doing the right things, there are a lot of things I'm completely unsure about.

Now that I'm trying to put together the details to go to El Salvador I'd like to find temporary work for a couple weeks. In fact, I've been looking for temporary work (along-side all of my fancy job search) for weeks and I think I must be doing something wrong. Many people say, 'you should get a temp job' and I think, 'that's a great idea' but apparently haven't a clue where to start looking for one of those so-called 'temp jobs'.

Anyway, if I could have a temp job I'd feel that much more compelled to stay in DC for another month and leave at beginning of September. I might do that anyway, even if I don't get a temporary job. Feeling slightly overwhelmed right now.

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