Monday, February 16, 2009

Now... for a quiet evening

Recently, a friend has chosen silence over the inane communication that can occur through mediums like this one. Sometimes, that sounds so appealing and yet, at the same time, I know that this medium provides the comfort of communication for certain people that I think is important. Just a little glimpse into your thoughts and your world --by email perhaps-- helps remind me of why we are friends, that we care about each other even though we are far away, and many other little things.

I realize that this is in no way a replacement of 'real' relationships but, it is a way to remind those that are far away that we are continuing to grow, think, and love. Nothing personal enough to replace the real thing but, something particularly unique to remind us of how great it is to share life with others.

I got to enjoy "sharing life with others" today. After the great fun of my Portuguese class yesterday and meeting up with new and old friends at Church. This morning we --at the yellow house-- got to host so many good friends for a mid-morning brunch. It was great! Everyone brought such good things and it was fun to have our house filled with friends, conversation, food, and music. All five of us love having people over, hospitality is such a great way to express love for others.

After the wonderful brunch, I got to go over to a soccer field to play a little of 4 on 4 soccer. It was so good! I hadn't played soccer in months! I don't know if I can describe how good it was to get out, to run around, to kick the ball around... ah. So good. I would play soccer every week if I had the opportunity. It is so much fun and it just feels so good to play outside. It was a little bit chilly, it even started to snow for a few minutes while we were out there. But, we all had a blast.

Now for a quiet evening... lovely.

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