Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it is so late...

It is so late but, I'm filled with enough joy and sadness that I need to write some of it down. I'm filled with the joy of having friends that I love. Last night I got to speak to a friend in the UK, my brother in Idaho, and another friend in California. It was so good, so refreshing to speak to people who know you well and have known you over a long period of time.

This morning I received an email from very dear friends who told me that they have lost their job and that suddenly their lives are completely up in the air. A bit discouraging, frightening, and disheartening. I was so surprised by the news and felt the sadness of what that means and also was filled with gratitude for the ways that I'm being provided for. Ok, maybe they are odd jobs that I'm doing, they are good and the best thing is to be completely present to them and the people around me in them.

I had a challenging day with the kids and then went to a homeless shelter. Which is hard. I haven't been in that kind of an environment for a while. I spoke to a couple of the residents and hearing people's lives fills me with joy, sadness, and admiration. Afterward, I was very tired as we celebrated a birthday and continued to engage people. I came home and continued to love the people around me and yet, at the same time, feel a bit at a loss. I'm not sure if I know how to best love others sometimes. Staying up late listening is about the only thing I think I know to do...

I'm going to be tired at work tomorrow... I guess that would be today already.

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