Saturday, February 14, 2009

enjoying every moment as much as I can

I love quiet Saturday's like today. It has been lovely. I guess it probably all started with a great Friday evening. I had dinner with some good friends at the new restaurant in the neighborhood. Then, we went (running!) to the opening night of an art exhibit at Touchstone Gallery where one of my friends from church has her art up. It was really great to see friends there. I enjoy art.

I have a friend who told me that given the excitement with which I re-tell my work at the Charter School that maybe I've found my "calling". I reminded them that I only spend 3.5 hours there and I am not sure if it would be my calling to spend all day in that type of challenging environment. I DO love the kids though. Later, I told someone else that I think my calling right now is to "enjoy every moment of whatever I am doing at the moment." Even so, education is certainly at the top of my list of things that I enjoy doing.

This morning I slept until the sunshine woke me up. I had random and pleasant conversations with my different housemates as they got up and started their days. I went for a little walk to the Franciscan Monastery up the street and went to the grocery store. After eating lunch and listening to Ben Harper, I went for another walk to the local branch of the library. I love being able to walk to the library!!

Going for walks, reading, studying for my Portuguese class, and doing some random writing has been the best way to spend this Saturday!

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