Thursday, February 12, 2009

the sock hop made my day

Well, today we had a sock hop at school. Everyone in the extended-day program was supposed to bring crazy socks and then we had a "sock hop" where we all just danced around the cafeteria for about an hour. It was so much fun.

Our kids are the best dancers ever. I mean, these kids are 7 and they are already showing some incredible hip-hop and break-dancing potential. It was such fun. It really did make my day. I have to admit that I had really wanted to get to know something about DC that was more "real" or authentic than Capitol Hill where everyone who works there is not really from DC and I think that I've found it. I love it. I feel so grateful.

It's hard, really because sometimes it's hard to get the kids to be respectful and listen and yet at the same time, I love them. They're so funny. So, I'm learning that love is firm as well as fun.

Anyway, thinking about calling. Learning, the future, etc. What will become of me? I'm glad for the variety of experiences in my life up until now, it's good.

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