Friday, September 26, 2008

One week, it's good to be here

I've spent one full week at Cemujer. At times it feels like it's been longer and at times it feels like I just got here. I like being here. In some ways, it isn't at all what I expected and in other ways I don't think I had a very clear expectation of what it was going to be like. One thing I had no way to know about were the colors with which the house is painted.

I knew that it was know as the "Casa Morada" so, I expected the outside walls to be painted all purple (and maybe some of the interior ones too). Well, the house IS purple and the inside there is a purple room and as you walk further into the house the rest of the rooms are also very colorful. The ofice where I spend most of my time is painted a bright yellow and bright pink! The hallway is painted a bright orange with the oposite wall being a bright greet. And so on and so forth. Very, very colorful! Almost dizzying!

I hope to jump into a lot of the events that Cemujer is doing and do a lot more reading and writing, of course.

On a much more personal note, I'm moving again tomorrow. I realized that there IS a bus route that will take me to work and back from the Flores' house. I think it will be nice to stay with them, even though I really have no complaints with Fidelina.

I like being at work, I like El Salvador, but... I have to admit that a couple of the evenings this week when I got on the bus to go home I felt somewhat homesick (or lonely for my friends who are spread all over the place). It's not a plesant feeling but, it's also one that doesn't exactlly have a cure. I'm sure I wouldn't notice it as much if I had a lot of friends here, but the feeling remains even when you make new friends.

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Dr. Valle said...

i'm not good writer nor reader... but this is a very good bloog! :)

i really like it!!! :)

congratulations :)

live the questions now... R.M. Rilke