Sunday, September 28, 2008

La Libertad

On Friday afternoon, Omar came into the office and said "Hannah, you know that we're leaving right?" I said, "Oh, no. Where are we going?" "We're going to lunch" he said. "Ok" I said as I grabbed my bag. We all got into the truck and headed off. We stopped to get gasoline and I asked Alba "Where are we going?" "To get lunch" she said. I realized that no one was going to tell me where we were going so I just enjoyed the ride (an hour or so) talking to Delmi and Ima.

Soon enough we arrived in a cute little town and the first thing that I see is THE OCEAN! I was so excited. We went into a little beach restaurant. It was great.

[Starting on the left: Alba, Ima, Claudia, Ruth, Omar, Maria Jose, & Delmi]

The girls and I walked out onto the beach (none of were quite dressed for the beach!) and enjoyed the sand and water. I love the beach! I love the waves and the sand! Ah, it was lovely! It made me really happy.

Maria Jose, Claudia, Ruth, & Delmi

Ruth and Maria Jose are the youngest at Cemujer. I love them. They're such fun to be around!

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where is the food´s picture!?!!?

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