Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Impressions: war is that way

Neither side can claim innocence in the war. War is that way. Everyone is side is breaking the moral law ‘thou shalt not kill’ and no one can justify the violence that was committed. “We avoided choosing sides,” the woman told me “we tried to stay out of the conflict.” No one in her family was killed directly because of the war “we were taken care of, thank God.” She was a teacher during the war. “No one in my family was killed but one of my co-workers…” her voice trailed off.
“Maria Carmen” she went on, “was killed by some of her own students.” There was a moment of silence and the weight of that statement filled my heart and mind. “You see,” she said, “that was what it was like during those times. Everyone was filled with hatred and even your own students might turn on you to kill you.” She went on to say that that she felt like the hate persists today. “Both sides are ambitious for power,” and forgiveness is elusive.

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