Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More About Extended-Day...

One thing that is super interesting about working at Hope is how many people I see there from my Church. I love it. Let me see, there are at least 6 people other than myself and probably a couple more that I haven't remembered just now. It is really great. Today, as I was waiting to pick up my kids Brian, super cheerful Brian, from Church came out of the classroom. "Brian?!" I said. It turns out that he was volunteering for the day. What a joy to see familiar and friendly faces at work!

Yesterday, I got to go with the kids on a field trip to see a play called Freedom Train about Harriet Tubman at GW. It was unbelievable taking all those kids on the Metro half way across the city. So, the classroom... ok, well, it's better than it was last week but... I will not lie. It is hard and we have a lot of improving to do. I think it will get better. I was exhausted today when I walked out of school. I can only imagine how tired those kids must be, they have a LONG day at school.

I still feel a little bit unsettled but, I am enjoying all these things that I'm doing. Looking for a house, for another friend to live with us, for another job, for other opportunities... what a blessing to have such a full life! Oh! The best thing that happened to me this week was that I made a new friend. Well, I hope that we'll be friends. At small group from Church last night, I met a Argentinean-Chilean couple. They were super friendly and I am going to hang out with them during the inauguration. I'm excited about that.

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Nancy McKeeth said...

It is nice to be connected.

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