Friday, November 14, 2008

random things make it good

I work in a very complicated place. It has not been exactly what I expected but, I'm doing my best to be patient and more assertive at times. One thing that has helped me with the frustration at work is that I've gotten to know some really sweet people here who have really loved me and encouraged me. The little details like the gift that a friend of Miriam sent me: a mug with some really amazing loose leaf tea or a walk at the park with a friend, all of those things make me smile and enjoy everything without letting the disappointment or frustration take over my experience here.

Last Sunday, I got to go to a place called Los Planes de Renderos with a really special family that has really been more than kind to me. It is a really adorable place not too far out of the city where you can see a great view of the city. It has a very traditional feel, people selling pupusas and other kinds of food in stands. While we were there some people were dancing some traditional dances. We actually tried to go to a place called la Puerta del Diablo but, there were too many people so, we ejoyed the view at the Mirador.

It's these little things that have made this time here really special, way more than I was expecting. My time here has been harder and more beautiful than I expected.

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