Monday, November 17, 2008

decisions, decisions, decisions

I don’t really quite understand how I make decisions sometimes. There is this delicate balance between my mind and my heart. Sometimes, my heart and mind agree on what the best course of action is going to be but, at other times they are not sure if they agree with each other and that is when decisions become difficult.

Sometimes, my mind seems to have two different personalities because it isn’t my mind and my heart that are at odds (because some decisions don’t carry as much emotional weight as others) and yet I still have a hard time making up my mind. There are some decisions that are out of our hands, we just take steps in the direction that we want to go but, we cannot force things to happen (like getting a job in DC or something like that).

It’s interesting when you think about taking a choice because I believe that it is good to let other people give you counsel but, the trick is that at the end of the day the decisions you make are yours and you are the one who gets to live with the benefits or consequences of your choices. It is important, I agree, that you remember that your choices will impact those who are around you, that is important but… there is no getting around the fact that the choice is yours.

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