Monday, August 25, 2008

Huck it Huge

I have a lot of amazing friends from university and just recently I found out that one of them (Mikey) is going through chemotherapy. I love Mikey and Bonnie. You probably will never meet a more fun couple. When you get to know Bonnie it will not take long for you to hear her say, "Huck it huge!" 'Huck it huge!' is Bonnie's way of saying... 'go for it with your whole heart and don't hold anything back!'

Both Mikey and Bonnie know how to live and enjoy life like very few people do. They realized that Mikey had cancer not long after they got married, talk about getting thrown for a loop! They just made this YouTube video and posted it on their blog. They are doing a super cool job of reminding everyone to 'Huck it huge!' all the time...

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