Monday, August 25, 2008

You're the first person of 'your color' to talk to me...

The issue of race in D.C. is so confusing. I was recently told by two different people one Hispanic and one African-American that I was the first person 'of my color' that had ever talked to them. Why is that?

At first I thought that maybe it is that white people don't really even talk to each other if they don't know each other but... that isn't true because the next thing that happened to me was that a white person I didn't know started talking to me.

Then I wonder if it is me... people talk to me all the time. There must be something I do that invites people to talk to me (no matter what race they are). How do you become friends with people who look different from you in this city?

Unfortunately, I'm leaving and will not have the privilege of exploring that question more.

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