Tuesday, July 8, 2008

updates on the life of a job-seeker

I arrived in D.C. at 2am this morning. Needless to say, it was a long trip. I left Boise at 6:20am the day before! I was excited to be back in D.C. especially because a few of my friends from TWU were visiting! Today, I got to meet up with Miriam, Jamie, Bethany, Jenna, and Antonia for lunch. Miriam, Jamie and I got some extra time to hang out, talk and catch up on each others lives. It was wonderful! It was good to see them.

When I got home, I found that I had received an e-mail from the job in Barcelona that I had applied to the week before I left on my two week WestCoast adventure. I'm incredibly excited. They told me that they want to have an interview with me. So, this is the deal... tomorrow I'm going to have an interview with Ashoka (I would LOVE to work there) but, I have a potential interview with The Social Trends Institute based in Barcelona, Spain later this week or the next.

This development really changes how I feel going into my Ashoka interview. I'm confident that I will do well in the interview but, I don't know what to say if they offer me a job right away. The idea of moving to Barcelona is so exciting. Of course, I don't actually have to worry about deciding until the interviews have happened and I've been offered something. There is still the possibility that neither one of them would work out and I'd be back to the drawing board.

If anyone has any advice for me, I'd love to have it.

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