Tuesday, July 22, 2008

stepping it up

So, I've seriously stepped up the job searching. Thanks to a friendly reminder from a friend I've jumped back into the challenging work of searching, networking, and networking. I have had two interviews in the past two weeks. Not bad. I've also been considering graduate school options and talking to people who are doing interesting things. Trying to learn everything that I can.
Since I last wrote, I decided to go volunteer at Ten Thousand Villages. I am a huge fan of what they do. They sell Fair Trade crafts from artisans from all over the world. The goals is to give people a steady income that they wouldn't have any other way. It's lovely. So, it's a good place to go and be reminded that there are always things to do. That was great.

I interviewed with an organization that contracts with USAID helping to implement the Food for Peace program. It would be a good opportunity to learn about USAID and get "in" to the international development world in DC. On Sunday, I went to church and got rained out at the park.

This week I went to an information session at American University and became friends with Bethany. We were both SUPER early so, we got to know each other pretty well. She wants to go into broadcasting, ideally she'd like to host an entertainment show. She'd be great at that. I also looked at a program at Johns Hopkins University. I guess if I didn't go to Spain that could happen, next year even.

In the midst of excitement and uncertainty about The Advocacy Project I got to go to an super interesting information session about Chemonics International. I arrived early to that as well and met some of the other people at the information session. It's always interesting to hear what everyone is doing and where they're from. "If you want to work in the Caribbean or Latin America you MUST be fluent in Spanish."

In the midst of talking to other people and following up on other leads, life is interesting right now. I like that. I was thinking that maybe I should go back to Honduras and create a marketing plan for the ladies who do Tule there. Freelance or something. Who knows?

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