Sunday, June 22, 2008

not too spiritual sunday reflections

Today, we had decided to go to ChinaTown in the morning before going to the Church of the Advent where I have decided to make my home in the midst of not having anything else certain or established. I figure that if nothing else is regular or routine there is no real good reason to make going to Church one more of those dreaded events that involve meeting a lot of new people and explaining who you are and what you're doing in the city.

So, we went and decided to visit a church that is in ChinaTown before we went and walked around the Portrait Gallery for a while. What was interesting about going to church in the morning is that we got to see Jenn! I hadn't been expecting to see her there and I knew that she was leaving the next day. It was so nice to get to see her one more time before she takes off on a pretty interesting trip around the world (literally). After church we went to the Portrait Gallery, like I said, and it was good. I really enjoy that Gallery.

Later, we went to Advent. It was nice to get to talk to some of the people that I've met the other weeks that I've been there. Certainly some great people that would make great friends if I could stick around. I really enjoyed hearing Brian's stories about taking pictures at a $400,000 Bar Mitzvah . . . it was ridiculous. It's interesting to meet people who've been in the city shorter amounts of time that I have and realizing that my story is actually everyone's story.

Still no job. I'm going to the WestCoast for a visit...

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