Friday, June 13, 2008

more waiting

Today, I got to meet a not-so-much of a stranger for lunch. We had never sat down to talk together but, we've had so many other encounters that it felt like we already knew each other a lot more than we do. I was seeking advice and suggestions for this period of searching and waiting for work. It was a great lunch and a even greater conversation.

I am definitely sick. There is no doubt about it. My chest doesn't usually cramp up and my body feel like fainting when I walk up a flight of stairs. I did so much talking today with my friend and at my interviews for work that my voice is about as shaky as a two year old on a tight rope. I couldn't help but call a couple friends when I got home to share my excitement about the possibility of this amazing job (notice that I don't have the job quite yet).

I had a second interview and got the opportunity to meet one of the guys who would be my team member if I were to work at this amazing organization. After talking to them I am so excited and REALLY want to work there more than ever. He is not only someone I would love to work with but also someone I'd like to be friends with! He told me that he had to wait 6 months before he got his job so, he doesn't feel sorry for my 3 months. He told me to be patient with them. I really, really hope I end up with this job.

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