Sunday, September 12, 2010

the kitchen counter

Well, our kitchen isn't done yet.  We have a kitchen counter but, we don't have a sink.  So, we use the pila in the back to do the dishes and get water.  It's kind of an inconvenient arrangement but, we've made it work for the past couple of weeks.  I'll be doing a LOT more cooking once we have the kitchen all fixed up again.  I miss cooking.

Our car --we've named him Sucio-- has been having a bit of a fever for the past three or four days.  The doctor has been trying to fix him up but, it seems that once we fix one thing something else comes up.  If he doesn't have a fever he has the hiccups, etc.  Hopefully he will get fixed up soon.  I'm afraid that I might have to take public transportation to work on Monday...

I'm still waiting to get our dresser and bookshelf  It'll be an exciting day once we have them... you know how much I like to be organized.

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