Monday, September 20, 2010

I love the rain.

So, last week was a bit crazy because our car wasn't working properly.  The radiator was overheating.  At one point, we were driving on the highway in pouring rain and the car decided to overheat so, we had to pull over to the side of the road and wait in the rain as cars and trucks drove by us.  It was pretty crazy.

You know?  I love the rain here in Panama.  The truth is that it's felt almost chilly in the evenings for the past week or so.  There's been a lot of rain and when you have a car, it's really nice.  It's the kind of rain that falls so hard that you can't see in front of you.  I love it when I'm at home and can snuggle in bed but...when you have to ride the bus here it's absolutely awful.  Most of the buses here have no air conditioning so, when it starts to rain the windows go up and the bus gets all steamy, hot, and smelly.  You can imagine...

This past weekend we didn't get to go see STOMP (it had sold out), so we went to eat some good food at the end of the Causway.  First we drank coffee (Ariel had coffee, I had tea) and read a while.  Then we went to eat lunch (the restaurant we were going to go to was closed because of the Jewish holiday.)   The location was beautiful, there was a fantastic breeze and we sat where there was a view of the city and the canal.  (We could have asked for a bit more regarding the food but, it's ok.)  Otherwise... it was just gorgeous.  It's nice to spend some time just enjoying being together in a lovely place.

That reminds me --this past weekend was a Jewish holiday and in Panama, half of the businesses close down for the weekend when it's a Jewish holiday.  It's crazy but, it's so interesting as well.  Ariel and I counted businesses, at least half of the shops and stores at the mall were closed.  Panama also closes down on Muslim holidays and Christian holidays.   Panama is such an interesting place.

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