Friday, September 24, 2010

two months!

Today is our second month-aversary... and it's a Friday!  Yay!!  When I look back on the past couple of months SO much has happened it seems almost unbelievable that it's only been two months.  We've moved three times, I started a new job, got a new car, had the car break down, fixed the car, etc. etc.  (The car is working well now!)

School is going well.  This week I've been feeling kind of guilty as a teacher.  My students didn't do super well on a quiz but, as they were taking it and not doing well, I realized that it was probably my fault that they weren't doing well.  I hadn't explained the material as well as I should have.  Anyway, that's how it goes.  I am going to do better and better as a teacher. 

I'm sorry for the absence of pictures (my computer isn't doing well either... ah life!!), I'll do my best to get some here soon.

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