Sunday, September 27, 2009

National Book Festival

I'm ready to be back to sharing my thoughts. I guess I've realized that I have a hard time adjusting to new things. Change sometimes is hard for me and in the past couple of years I've become better about not venting my emotions but letting them out in small careful doses. Yesterday, I got to do something that made me so excited that I decided it would be the first thing I would write about after my short absence here.

At school on Friday one of my co-workers asked me if I was going to the National Book Festival and I said that I didn't know it was happening but, I was going to look it up! I didn't remember until late on Friday night when looked it up and I realized that Marilynne Robinson,the author of the book Gilead, was going to be there! I was so excited.

So, yesterday my friend Will and I walked down to the National Mall (in the rain) and stood in line to get her to sign our book. Julia Alvarez, the author of another book I'd read recently was signing just next to her but, I could only stand in one line at a time. Then we sat under a huge tent to hear Marilynne read part of her book Home. I thought it was great fun. If you haven't read Gilead book you should.

It was so fun to be in a place full of people who like to read, I felt quite at home!

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