Monday, May 18, 2009

worries and blessings

I've been a little more worried than usual in the past couple of days about what is going to happen to me next year. I know that I shouldn't worry. I know that God is good and will provide for me.

I also know that in spite of my worries I am so blessed. I live with wonderful girls. I am in an interesting city and am part of a really good community. I am really happy right now, in spite of my worries.

We loose sight of so many things when we worry. We miss out on the good things in life. So, I'm trying not to worry. With that thought, I think there were times during college that I missed out on some fun because I was worried about stuff.

One thing I will never regret is the time that I spent in the downtown East Side of Vancouver. I just found this video made by my university featuring one of the coolest profs at my school and the East Side. I have MUCH to be thankful for.

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RichieFlower_desde_ElSalvador said...

Hi Hanna,

One question for us to reflect on:

What's the origin of our fears and worries? What's their "efficient cause", as physicists call the actual or real cause of events?

That's the question we should try to answer. The question I try to answer every time I face fear or concern.

I look for answers from God's perspective and from my own perspective.

Generally, my perspective is far from God's one. Then, when I realize that, it just makes me bow down in prayer asking for mercy, understanding and blessing.

Your friend


live the questions now... R.M. Rilke