Monday, September 1, 2008

pre-trip road trip!

This weekend I went to North Carolina for a wedding. Two of my good friends from last year were getting married. I am so glad that I went. It was such a great wedding! It was a fun weekend. (Except for the part where I was a little sick.) I loved being with friends, having long conversations about everything (including a little politics).

We drove down on Friday night and on Saturday we had a fantastic southern style breakfast with grits and everything! We went to the lake and enjoyed some sun and water time before going to the rehearsal and the dinner, etc. (I didn't have to do anything, I just got to hang out with everyone!) Sunday, we had another fantastic breakfast, church, and then got ready for the wedding.

The ceremony was lovely and the reception was at this fantastic house. It really looked like something from out of a movie. I got a little nervous when we didn't leave at the pre-determined time because we had decided to drive back to DC that night! It worked out, we stayed up all night and got home safely. I actually kind of enjoyed that too!

I woke up to a Skype conversation with Chami in Japan which was delightful and have been trying to pack and clean ever since. It is a little hard to believe that I'll be flying out tomorrow morning.

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