Saturday, June 28, 2008

you know you're headed to Idaho when...

I got on the airplane headed towards Idaho and a man sat next to me. Sometimes, I don't talk to the people next to me on the airplane and sometimes I feel like I should. So, I asked him if he lived in Boise. He said no but, that he used to and was going to go fishing with one of his buddies this weekend.
I kept asking him questions and he kept telling me about himself. I found out that he loves Idaho and would love to go back there if he could. He said that he loves it because there aren't a lot of people and you can get into the mountains easily [away from people]. Not that there aren't people in Idaho who enjoy being around other people, it fits my past experience that most people that LOVE living there enjoy a significant amount of solitude.
To just make some generalized statements that cannot be true about everyone it seems like a lot of people in Idaho, love the outdoors [which is great] because they can get away from people and in reallity it seems like what they enjoy the most is not having people around who try to tell them what to do with their lives. It is good that there are people who enjoy solitude [and hopefully reflection] but, I would have to argue that learning to live with other people, communicating and sharing with them is one of the calls and challenges of the human experience.
I don't think everyone needs to move into a commune but, learning how to cultivate an appreciation for the presence of other people is an important part of life. I love being around people, that is why I feel disconnected from a lot of people here because I don't understand their intense love of being away from people.

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