Monday, June 16, 2008

when introductions get old

"Hi, what's your name?"
"Nice to meet you, Meg."
"Yeah, nice to meet you too."
"I'm kind of new here, have you been here a while?"
"A bit, what are you doing here?"
"I'm looking for work."
"What kind of work?"
[I go into the detailed account of my job search.]
"so... it all depends if I get that job or not if I'll stay. What do you do?"
"I work at an NGO."

A little later, someone else: "Hannah, have you met Meg?"
"Yeah, we just met. Meg, tell me, where are you from?"
"Well, I'm from Connecticut and went to school in Boston."
"Did you know anyone when you moved to D.C.?"
"Sort of, I had a friend who was going to school here, we decided to live together."
"Do you like it here?"
With a slightly unsure look: "Yeah, I think I do."
"Has it been what you expected?"
"Not really, but that doesn't mean it is bad."
"Yeah. I see."

There's something about meeting a lot of new people all at the same time that makes me feel pretty disoriented after a while. Those conversations cannot go very deep at first (with a rare exception from time to time). I am glad when I get to see the same people again and again because there is the possibility of actually getting to know each other when that happens.

Last night my brother came home from Europe where he got to see one of my dearest friends. I miss her so much but, it was like having a little bit of her with me when he was telling me about meeting up with her and getting to talk with her. Remembering that there are people like her, who know you so well... makes me more impatient and ok [at the same time] with all the newness.

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