Thursday, June 19, 2008

warm and slow interactions must be cultivated

We visited Osprey Point yesterday. It was my first visit back since graduation. Oddly enough, I am hardly nostalgic at all. It is a beautiful place and yet I'm loving the ordinariness of my life away from there. We arrived and walked around the gorgeous grounds and almost distractedly found everyone who is still around to say hello. We awkwardly interrupted work shifts and meetings to then hurriedly give updates and well-wishes.

It is strange that even though it ought to be such a relaxing place everyone seemed to be up-tight in the rush of the day. In some ways, the hurried city experience that I've been living in the past few weeks has been much more calm and reflective than you would expect. I get to go out into the city, encounter people and realize that it doesn't matter if you're out in the country or in the city, people hardly know how to interact with each other slowly and carefully. Warm and genuine interactions require effort no matter where you live.

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