Friday, June 20, 2008

writing well takes practice or so I hear

I love the exercise of putting words down [or up on the screen]. It is good just to practice. Yesterday, I picked up Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird and was reminded that writing well involves both being willing to write first drafts that we're not proud of so that we can then go back and re-work them and make them so much better later. I've sort of been in a writing dry spell so, I'm trying to stick to the putting words down even if it really comes across as just being garrulous [a bit trivial and just rambling]. I know I sound pretty hapless most of the time, I mean it is kind of pathetic to just put words down to try to inspire good writing. I guess, I don't really need pity just discipline and that's what I'm aspiring for.

Still no luck on the job search. One more rejection to add to my list. I think I'd like to get a job in Spain, that sounds nice. Sigh. I'm excited to travel a bit in the next couple weeks. The change of scenery will do me good.

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