Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keep it simple

The doctor told me on Monday that the baby is ready and could come at any time, but she doesn't think that it will come early.  That means that I have at least 2+ weeks to prepare for the baby to come.  I am happy for those 2+ weeks.  I am enjoying being on vacation, cleaning the house, imagining how to organize everything in the house so that we can maintain it in a relatively clean and organized state after we welcome the baby into our lives.  

I have been reading a lot of different people's suggestions on how to keep your house organized and one of the most important suggestions I've read so far is getting rid of extra stuff.  One of the reasons that it's hard to keep up with the dishes is that you always have MORE dishes you can get dirty.  If you don't have as many dishes, you HAVE to wash the dishes in order to use them.  It's simple, but it really works.  

The same is true about our clothes.  If we have a lot of extra clothes, it's MUCH harder to keep them organized or even clean.  If you always have another pair of pants or another shirt to wear, you will keep putting off cleaning the ones that you've gotten dirty.  

Implementing this requires some constant re-visiting of your stuff and deciding if you really need or want to have these things in your life.  So, probably during my maternity leave, I'll have at least 3 or 4 of these purging sessions where we go through clothing, books, and other things in order to decide if we really need to keep these things around, or if we can simplify and get rid of some of them.  I already feel like our house is cleaner and more organized, and I think we could make it even more simple! 

Note: We'll see if I feel like doing any of that after the baby arrives.

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Carol de Rossi said...

I must get rid of some dishes in order to not be tempted to just grab a clean one :-) Nice piece of advice!

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