Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Doing what you love

I wonder if most people have to take a lot of tangents in life to figure out what they love to do or if most people just "know".  Maybe the people that love what they do just choose to love what they happen to be doing.  I think that I love what I'm doing with my life right now, but I often feel like it's only part of a puzzle that I'm putting together.  I'm still finding all the pieces for my life calling.  

It's been fascinating to realize how much I love teaching (something that I never realized when I was in college) and slowly, slowly I'm discovering what aspects of teaching I love the most.  The work that I've done in the past that has let me be in constant contact with people who are looking for opportunities to improve their (less that good) circumstances makes me think that I would love to have my life work dedicated to that group of people.  

Something else that I've realized is that I didn't go wrong when I chose to study history in college.  I LOVE the story of people and the ways that people have interacted with one another throughout place and time. This is why I love literature, history, and geography.  These are the subjects that I find most exciting to teach at school, in part because I'm most prepared to teach them and in part because they are the ones that I love the most. 

What I am doing right now, writing here, makes me feel like this is the missing element -not only telling stories, I get to do that all day long at school, but actually writing them down.  I think that the writing part is what makes me enjoy planning for teaching, I enjoy writing down what needs to be done and ways that we could accomplish what needs to be done.  I think about this a lot and feel like there are many ways that these different elements can come together to become what I will do and love.  I hope.

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