Thursday, August 27, 2009

Compliments from Strangers

The other day I got complimented on my posture by a stranger, that was strange. Compliments from strangers or new acquaintances are an interesting thing, because they are the moments when you have the honest opinion of someone who's just met you. Sometimes, they say, those first impressions are more accurate than the perspective that people have that have known you for a very long time.

I've received two interesting compliments in the past couple of days. One was the best compliment ever. I had been chatting with one of my co-workers and she asked me if I liked the show "This American Life" and I said, "YES, of course!!! I LOVE This American Life." She went on to tell me about the last show that she had listened to and THEN she told me, "I thought about it because as you were talking to me I though that your style of story-telling is very much like the one on This American Life, you could be a story-teller on This American Life".

That was the best compliment ever. I would LOVE to be a story-teller on This American Life. That would be incredible. The other compliment that I received was that I have "a literature student vibe". I often have wondered why I didn't study literature and day dream about studying literature and being a literature professor. So, today, when my other co-worker said that to me, I felt really happy and thought that maybe it's true and I shouldn't give up on that idea.

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