Friday, January 16, 2009


Recently, TWU came out with its latest Alumni Magazine. The best part was seeing some the work of some of my friends featured in the Magazine. Many of you might find this article interesting, Shakespeare's North American Tragedy. Sometimes, it is odd to think about being an Alumni of several different things. I mean, I'm an alum of my University, of Capernwray Quebec, of TFA, and recently I've added The Advocacy Project to my list of things that I'm am an alum of. I could mention a couple others but, all in all it's strange. I remember being at TWU and thinking to myself, "What's the big deal about being an alum anyway?"

It's funny, I've started to understand that the point is that the strong relationships formed in those types of communities help us dream and make dreams happen. It's really amazing actually, to be in the same networks with some of the people I got to go to school with. I admire so many of them and look forward to working together with them on many projects throughout the rest of our lives.

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