Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love paper

I was spending the afternoon with a friend yesterday and we walked into a bookstore. There is something so lovely about having friends who get excited in bookstores. When I visit a bookstore with a friend, I feel like I'm having the opportunity to introduce friends to each other!

One thing that I exclaimed with glee when we were walking around the bookstore was "I love paper!" It is true. As much as I use this electronic medium to communicate some of the things that I'm thinking or doing I cannot even get close to describing how much I love sitting with a notebook and a pen or pencil just to write whatever it is I'm thinking, scribbling sometimes incoherent thoughts, and jotting down ideas or reminders.
I was reading GOOD and it mentioned this interesting linkable notebook idea. At some point I'm going to try them out. It looks fantastic.

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