Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am often overwhelmed with the ability to be interested in practically everything. This has been one of my greatest strengths and biggest weaknesses. I'm easily distracted and at the same time can get deeply enthralled in all sorts of different things. Sometimes, I wonder what will become of me when I grow up.
Anyway, on one of my favorite radio shows "Speaking of Faith" Krista Tippett interviewed Jonathan Greenblatt who has done all sorts of things including starting the magazine GOOD. She called the interview "The Business of Doing Good" and discussed the complexity of bringing the ingenuity of business and the compassion of charity together. Their conversation is interesting and the magazine is really great.
This is what the people at GOOD say about themselves: "We see a growing number of people tied together not by age, career, background, or circumstance, but by a shared interest. This revolves around a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement." The magazine has become one of my favorites.

I have spent a lot of time in the past couple of months thinking about these things and am excited (with a little trepidation) to see how I will walk into this "business of doing good."

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