Monday, June 9, 2008

passer by*

"Oh, don't you be a passer by. Won't you sit down and stay a while..."
I became a Dispatch fan when I was in college. The band wasn't really popular anymore and the members had already gone their separate ways. I heard them randomly and became a huge fan. One of my friends told me recently that my type of music is "acoustic reggae". When she said that to me I couldn't help but think "Yeah, that is exactly what I like!" It's mostly their sound, I love acoustic reggae.

It's interesting how music can become associated with certain people. The person who introduced you to a certain singer or type of music or the person who was always listening to something in particular will always come to mind when you hear that music somewhere else. I know that there are certain people who will always think of me any time they ever hear a song by Dispatch and others who will always think of me if they hear something by Jack Johnson or Ben Harper.

Last year, someone asked me if I liked to listen to music and if I had a certain type of "go-to music" for certain moods. I realize now that I answered that question wrong at the time. I said "yes, I like music" --which is true-- "but, I don't think I listen to music for a certain type of mood." That is not true. I totally have go-to music for all types of emotions. Having said that, if I'm not in a --not all that uncommon-- melancholic mood I'll usually be listening to something with an "acoustic reggae" sound (preferably sitting comfortably on the kitchen counter).

*dispatch, gut the van

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