Thursday, June 12, 2008

open up

Sometimes when you meet people for the first time it is comical and other times it is magical. Ok, well the magical didn't quite happen but, yesterday I had the most comical encounter. I went to interview for a job at [an undisclosed location] and it was so very disorganized. They were not ready for me --even though they told me they were expecting me-- I ended up asking more questions about them than they did about me. It makes you wonder sometimes... We ended on great friendly terms and I left a little confused about what had just happened. Even so, I met someone who had lived in the same community in D.C. for their whole life! That was fascinating to me. I'm really interested in learning more about D.C. as a place and a community in and of itself.

Whenever we re-encounter people for the second or third time it is always good to feel the un-comfortablenesses crumble and yet, there is this distance between meeting and knowing someone. Even after the first, second, and third meeting they are ever, ever so new to you and you are so unfamiliar with them. It will take a while to know what makes them feel alive and even in the excitement of getting to know a new person that realization makes me feel kind of sad and even lonely.

Today, I met a guy from [the Embassy of Congo]. He has lived in the States longer during his life time than I have --and I hold a US passport. It's funny how things like that work out. I also met a Colombian girl who works for TVFrance. It's so interesting to see where people end up. Oh! The magical encounter involved a thirty second introduction to an incredibly hansom French man. Ok, it wasn't that magical but, it could have been... I mean he's French!

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