Saturday, October 13, 2007

this was a quiet week

Monday of this week Nathan was still here. Early in the morning the girls in my room and I had our weekly reading of our "class reflection/journals" in preparation for class later that morning. We went to Matins (which is our early morning chapel/devotional) and then went to class soon after that. It was a good conversation. Nathan and I went out to lunch after that and then he went back to Norfolk.

The rest of the week sort of floated by for me. After the craziness of the week before and the busy weekend I still wanted some alone space and so, I spent quite a bit of time sleeping. I was a little bit frustrated with not getting as much done during the week as I had hoped but, that is the way things go sometimes.

In class this week we discussed Camus' "The Fall" and St. Augustine's "Confessions" it was a good class discussion and a good preparation for the next couple of weeks where we're going to be telling our "life stories" to each other. We watched a movie and discussed in on Wednesday. On Thursday I had a good converation with Grady and I sort of snapped out of the strange mood I was in after that. Randy our guest was a fun part of our week, he was just observing a lot but also enjoying his interaction with us. On Thursday he shared his story with us, it was a moving story. He is part of something called the SOZO Music Festival in Eastern Europe. That evening I sat around with everyone and played the guitar with Will (who was very patently teaching me some pretty easy songs).

Friday was another busy day. We had a scheduling meeting where we were trying to figure out all the complexities of next week (which is going to be crazy busy!). After that I went and cleaned out the library with Will (that was our chore this week) then we stopped by to see KD because we're going to babysit Noah and Asher next week (they're 4 and 2). After that I ate some lunch and went into town to get the oil changed in my car. I went to the bank and I ran a couple other errands. After that I went home and tried to "organize my life".

We had dinner and it was the first time it had been "just us" in a while and we were relaxed and just enjoying each other. Dinner lead into a really fun evening for all of us... later I gave Ali a Church History lesson and by that time it was past our bedtime.

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Devin said...

I have been reading your blog--it sounds like you are having an incredible experience. Hearing your stories makes me wish I could experience something like that. Instead, I am in grad school at Portland State University, a decidedly more urban learning experience. There seems to be a certain magic in schools that are in more natural settings. I have heard that long ago, universities used to be very isolated so that the students would be able to fully focus on their studies without the distractions of the outside world. In some ways that is a nice thought, but it also runs contradictory to my idea of a rich, full education. How can we really become wise and educated without studying and coming to deeper understandings of everything that is going on in the world? Food for thought.

I got hit by a car on Wednesday while riding my bicycle. The car crossed through my path while I was riding along minding my own business and hit me from the side. Totally their fault. I am ok, no broken bones, no gaping wounds. I did get thrown about 20 feet and landed on the concrete, so I am sore all over, and my ankles, ribs, and back hurt. But I am so happy to be alive and uninjured. I can't understand how a human body can undergo the kind of impact I went through without being broken. The mysteries of live.

Be well, Hannah.
Devin Harkness

live the questions now... R.M. Rilke