Saturday, October 13, 2007

a very full weekend!

I have to keep up with this otherwise I'll get overwhelmed with all the things I "haven't" said and will not know where to start telling. Well, the week before this one we had some very intense conversations about gender and about our life together here. On Saturday morning almost everyone got up and went camping with the exception of Cindy and I. We decided to spend the weekend here "at home".

It turns out that we still had a busy weekend in a different way. Andrew (our guest) was still here so we had lunch with him and heard all kinds of stories about Uganda and European travels. That lunch extended into the afternoon. Soon after that I had to go over to the Lodge to reassure some guests that the leak in the roof would be taken care of and to thank them for their help. I got a phone call from Ashley around this time and enjoyed a wonderfully refreshing conversation with her.

Not too much later, Cindy and I went out to have dinner with a "dinner group" from Christ Church (which is the Church I've decided to go to for the most part this year). Ali and I had signed up for this dinner group but Ali had gone camping so Cindy came with me. They were very nice. It was good to meet people who really are from Easton. One of the couples had never lived anywhere but Easton and another couple had never lived anywhere for more than 6 years at a time. Cindy and I came away glad for our little community because even though we disagree on stuff at times we actually have pretty meaningful conversations a lot of the time (the conversation at dinner went from Easton stuff, hunting, cell phones, running marathons, etc. all good stuff but not entirely "deep").

Sunday morning I got up early and did some reading and writing. I enjoyed it very much then, Cindy and I went to Church. Apparently, this church only takes the Lord's Supper once or twice a year and it happened to be this day (we weren't at Christ's Church) and well, Cindy and I were both a bit bothered by the tone of the sermon. So, we talked about that on the way home. When we got back to Osprey Point we went over to David and KD Norman's (they're the directors) for lunch. Andrew joined us again for lunch. We talked about a lot of different things including why Church had bugged us and other things. It is nice to be in a place that fosters that kind of conversations and welcome.

After that extended for a long time we went to clean the "scholar in residence apartment" where Andrew had been staying for the new guest (who was coming in that day). Nathan came during this time! It was fun to have Nathan. As we were cleaning the apartment our new guest Randy showed up and we welcomed him in and showed him around. After this Nathan and I went to St. Michaels. A very cute town of which Nathan said, "Mom would love this place!" We got a couple ingredients and returned to the house to make a mango cobbler (I forgot to mention that Zac's grandfather has a mango farm in Florida and he had mailed a big box of amazing mangos for our group). So we made the cobbler and it was done just as everyone returned from camping and told us all their crazy stories from their week.

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Eric said...

Mango cobbler sounds good. I'm glad you are Nathan are having fun in Maryland!

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