Tuesday, October 16, 2007

little things in life

Nothing much has changed around here. I worked the lunch and dinner shift at the Lodge on Saturday. That kept me very busy. Between shifts Scudder, Will, and I put up a chandelier in the Library. We felt like we accomplished something!

Sunday I went to church and spend the day just resting, going for a walk, and trying to figure out what to write about for our weekly reflection. It was kind of an odd day but, I actually did get some rest.

On Monday we had a guest speaker, Janet, is a great lady from New York. She spoke to us about patience and about being good to ourselves. That afternoon Grace and I went and did the grocery shopping for the house. It was a big job but we had fun with it.

That evening I was working again so, I enjoyed serving our guests from an important think tank from Washington D.C. I had to stay up late to close everything down at the Lodge so, I played a game of chess with Zac. I hadn't played chess in a very long time, I lost the game even though I almost won the game!

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