Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I would like to be able to communicate the odd complexities of my last week but the truth is that I don't think I'd be able to do it justice. So, I'll just go through the same old review of the week. It started out with a talk given to us by Janet. She talked to us about patience and about "being good to ourselves". It was good and a needed thought. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we heard people tell their "life stories". Ali, Cindy, David, and KD gave their stories. It is good to get to know everyone a little better but, it is always a heavy thing to listen and empathize with others.

We had quite a few guests at the Lodge over the weekend and we had visitors. The Academy board members were here for the board meeting. Apparently the meeting went very well which is a good thing! Dixie and Roddy are on the board (they're from Georgia) and they were wonderful to have around. Very caring and attentive. They are very interested in each one of us and it makes me feel very thankful.

On Friday I had a pretty quite day. Doug Forrester (who is also on the board) spoke to us Friday afternoon about the centrality of the doctrine of the Trinity to the Christian faith. It was really encouraging. We then prepared dinner for all of us and the other board members that include Bob Kramer, Ursula Meese (who is the wife of the former Attorney General of the United States), and Ann Holliday (who is also our next door neighbor). We had a great dinner. Bob gave one of his memorable speeches (he's going to join us for dinner again tonight) and we enjoyed being hosts of such interesting people.

Saturday I got to spend a quiet morning in St. Michael where President Bush had arrived in the morning and was giving a speech at the Maritime Museum. It was funny to hear the "talk of the town" with the presidential aircraft and entourage all around town. In the afternoon I got to see my mentor, Heidi Metcalf. I enjoyed talking with her. She encouraged me to get a certain book to read, I like being charged to read certain things. In the evening I got to work.

Sunday morning I went to church and then had to work the lunch shift. I cleaned the kitchen for quite a while. I got home to Windrush and decided to clean again. I like having a clean house. Sunday evening we had another guest who is running an interesting organization and that led to some late night conversations. They were good (but late).

Monday was a day of silence and solitude... which was good. I was able to rest, think, pray even... and read. It was a lovely day with sunshine, breeze... perfect weather to be outside. I got to sit in a hammock for a while in the afternoon, it was lovely.

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