Sunday, September 2, 2007

people, living space, host families

Starting tomorrow we are all going to have a pretty busy schedule. We will have class, work, study, and other outings and activities that will take up our time. All of it is going to be challenging and very good. I will tell you about everyone as time goes on. There are twelve of us. Seven girls and five guys. All in all really amazing people. I have three roommates. I have only known them a week so, I will start to tell you about each one of them as I get to know them a little better. I will show you a couple pictures. I have a picture of my room first, the living room and the dinning room with some of my new friends around it.

Yesterday, on Saturday, I got to go with one of my roommates (Lauren) to our host family. We are connected in pairs to families in the community who are there to give us a touch of family when we're out here. Lauren and I had called them and they had invited us out for lunch. We thought that we were going to be going to their house and having an hour lunch or something like that. It turns out that when we got there they had a boat at their house and they took us out to eat. We took the boat and docked at the restaurant! It was amazing. This is crab country and I've already gotten to eat some crab. It's pretty special. The weather was lovely. We feel kind of spoiled but, we're very grateful and excited for the year.
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