Sunday, September 2, 2007

Os Guinness

On Thursday this week we had the priviledge of spending the day with Os Guinness who generously shared his thoughts and insights on life with us. He is the author of many, many books including a book called "The Call". It was very good to hear his story and glean from his wisdom. Apparently we will be seeing more of him throughout the year. He is very supportive of the Trinity Forum Academy.

We talked about the importance of being able to integrate our faith into every aspect of our lives and how there is no real answer to the question "why" apart from God. We talked about how we all have the primary call of Jesus who says "follow me" and we are called "By the Lord, To the Lord, For the Lord" and how it is not something or somewhere but primarily to someone. The secondary "call" is actually an "answering" it is everything we do in response to the calling of Jesus. He said that it means "Do what you are"; "Everyone, Everywhere, in Everything"; and that it is to be lived out before God as the audience.

Clearly there were many other things that we talked about but, overall we were very honored to get to spend time with him.
live the questions now... R.M. Rilke