Sunday, September 2, 2007

Welcome to the Trinity Forum Academy

I intend to keep everyone as much up to date as I can seeing as I’m headed into an absolutely busy yet wonderful experience. First, I decided that I’d send you a little picture of my life by sending you a couple pictures of the location I’m going to be living at. I live at a property called Osprey Point. There are a few different buildings on the property. The largest is the Osprey Point lodge which is a five star conference & retreat center. Very nice. I will be working there this year learning how to cook gourmet food, clean rooms, and serve up scale guests like the US Chamber of Commerce.

There is a house which is on the point which is where the manager of Osprey Point Conference Center lives. There is an old barn which has been remodeled to house a fitness center downstairs, a “library” with our classroom and desks to study at, offices for the staff of the Trinity Forum Academy, and a guest house for our “Scholar in Residence” when we have those. There is a house next to the barn where the director of the Trinity Forum Academy, David Norman, and his family lives. There are two smaller buildings the “small library” and the “chapel” which are very cute and we have morning “matins” in the chapel and the small library is just a nice quiet space to read and such.

The location is absolutely beautiful with an amazing view of the Chesapeake bay, a dock, and it's lovely . This past Wednesday we were able to eat crab that we harvested. As you can imagine, that was pretty cool. The last house is the “Windrush House” which will be my household for the year. It is a pretty nice place. There are four bedrooms, an apartment inside, the living room, the reading room, the study room, the dinning room, and the kitchen. There will be 14 people living in this house this year. As of now, everyone has been exciting to get to know and even though we know we’re going to get on each other’s nerves throughout the year, we’ll grow from that too. That is it for now. Enjoy the pictures.
live the questions now... R.M. Rilke