Monday, October 18, 2010

this is the way things go

So, I set a goal of writing something every day in the month of October.  That's a tough goal.  Tonight, I don't have anything that I feel like writing about.  It's rainy season.  The middle of the rainy season.  It rains every day but, I like it.  The weather is nice and cool.  Humid but not hot.  It makes cuddling at night super nice and getting up in the morning super hard.

I started reading a novel to my 9th graders and the amazing thing is that I think I've got them hooked.  I have a problem with not having enough books for my students to read on their own but, this is great.  They get excited when I'm about to read.  They clear their desks and lean in.  It's fantastic.  I hope that somehow this gets them a bit more excited about reading in the future.

I have a problem at school with having too much planned and not being able to get through all of the stuff I'd planned.  It's good to have enough planned... I hope that the things we are doing are helpful and that the students are actually learning something.  

Anyway, I think I've met the minimum requirement of words written.  I'm doing great, I'm just not inspired to write at the moment.

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