Friday, October 8, 2010

teacher in-service

Today, we had teacher in-service at school and I think that it killed my inspiration.  I wanted to write on our other blog Contrapunto but, I just don't have any inspiration right now.

The fact is that aside from getting grades out, I really got quite a bit of planning done for the next quarter.  That makes me feel great.  I LOVE planning and I'm a big fan of being organized.  I hope that this quarter I can keep things much more organized and do a better job of teaching my students.

The first quarter report cards will be sent out tonight and I'm kind of dreading hearing from parents who feel like their student should have gotten a much higher grade.  The good thing is that for most of my students their Spanish grade is NOT their lowest grade.  That means that the parents who get worked up about stuff will probably worry about those lower grades first.  I feel like a bad person wishing mean parents on other teachers, but it's true... I kind of do hope that they don't get mad at me first.  

I'm excited about this next term but, to be honest I really wish that we had more books in Spanish.  That would be one of my wishes, I guess any teacher that teaches reading would wish that but, considering the socio-economic status of our school, we have a very pitiful Spanish book selection.  

Well, this became just a random rant so I'm going to stop for now.

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