Sunday, October 4, 2009

staying for 10 years

Last week I got to know one of my co-workers a little better. She told me that she'd been working with the organization that runs the school I work at for about 10 years on and off since high school. She said, "This is a good place and it only gets better and better." I think anyone would admit that there are areas where the organization could improve, that is just one more reason that it's a good organization.

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about staying somewhere for 10 years. I haven't lived anywhere for 10 years in almost 10 years. I've spent the better part of the last 8 years moving from place to place. I wonder if I will ever be in one place for 10 or 20 years. There seems to be something very, very good about investing in a place with that type of commitment.

Some day, I'd like to be around long enough to see children I knew in elementary school graduating from high school and maybe stick around longer than that... I don't know where that'll end up being but, there is something in me that craves it a little at least.

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cs said...

hm..good thoughts...I think it's great to experience a lot of different types of community all over the world, as you have, over the past decade, it seems.

I'm just realizing recently that as an immigrant I do appreciate having been here where I am in Richmond, having been to school with people and then running into them at a later date, a bit changed, a bit farther along in life, perhaps now having a new husband, a new child. I guess that staying in one place, you get a different bit of perspective on a community, a more 'longitudinal' sort of perspective. Not necessarily better but definitely different. Or, I'm surprised to look back and realize how quickly the time has passed that I have also been at the same church since I was ten. My perspective has definitely changed on a lot of different things about my community, and it has gone through some changes too.

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