Friday, May 29, 2009

expecting God?

I've found myself truly meditating on this message in the past couple of days. Especially the question of what is my response when things go wrong.
"... let me ask you: Did you just fly through this past week oblivious to the activity of God in and around you? Did you look for, expect, and see God at work in you, through you, in the lives of others?

Did we live with our eyes open, our hearts and mind attentive for God’s work, or for God’s voice? Did we expect God to be at work in us and through us, for Jesus to be evident and active in and through our lives, or did we just go about our week, in the knowledge that God loves us and is with us?

And let me take it one more step: cause this is often when the reality of our expectation or lack of expectation shows most clearly… When things fall apart, when things go awry (as they often do), what’s our response? Despair or hope? Do we quickly become paralyzed with fear that its all downhill from here?

Or do we find hope in the awareness, the knowledge, the expectation that Jesus is still in charge, that He is still alive and Lord over all, and that as we look to Him, as we seek Him, He will be at work in even this to bring about His purposes – for His glory, for our joy and for the sake of others?" --Scott "expecting God"

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