Monday, March 2, 2009

snow, snow, snow

Well, today I woke up to see the blanket of snow outside. It was fantastic. I still went to my morning job but, got to come back and spend the rest of my afternoon working on projects and listening to the This American Life podcast. Very plesant. Tomorrow is supposed to be VERY cold, I'm not excited about that. I will be happy when it's warmer again.

I had a very busy week last week. It was busy with work, organizing, and thinking. I was processing a lot of things. It is very odd how our most beautiful moments or experiences can be over-shadowed by the difficult aspects of those moments. I've been wondering about that. Do I just make things difficult? Do I just choose to emphasize the worst over the best? Perhaps. I do believe that there are experiences that are just down-right difficult.

Am I an optimist or a pessimist? I don't know. But, right now I feel pretty optimistic about life. So, I'm going to go enjoy my evening at home.

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