Saturday, March 14, 2009

ice skating!

I recently became friends with a girl who works for an organization called Partners of the Americas. I am excited about this organization. I'm excited because it really works with a volunteerism in a way that I appreciate. I would enjoy being part of an organization like this one.

I was invited to spend some time with their youth ambassadors and was super excited about it.

Their website says that "The Youth Ambassadors program offers Latin America youth new international opportunities and experiences to broaden their knowledge of U.S. culture, society, and education. The participants and U.S. audiences will increase their mutual understanding among peoples of the Americas. The Youth Ambassadors for the Americas program will not only provide new knowledge and experience for participants, but also prepare them for a lifetime of leadership and community service."

I got to ice skating with them on Friday night. I love skating. I think I forgot how scary and hard it is the first time that you get on the ice. Otherwise, it's so much fun! I enjoyed the students and I think I'm going to hang out with them again on Sunday afternoon.

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