Friday, December 5, 2008

sushi and uncertainty

The other day Eduardo, Valeria and I went to eat some Sushi. It was a great experience for Valeria and myself, unfortunately Eduardo doesn't seem to be a big fan. Anyway, that day I hadn't had anything for lunch so, I was absolutely starving by the time we got our food. I ate all of my rolls and then most of Eduardo's (seeing as he didn't like it that much).
My time here is quickly, quickly coming to an end. I am having a hard time realizing what that means. Everything in my life is completely up in the air (once again). I'm planning on going back to DC to give it another try and yet, I'm quite tempted to come back here. I like it here and I love the people here.

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Rebecca said...

You may think this is weird b/c I don't know you, but I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I'm friends with John Meinen and originally linked to your blog off of his. I live in DC and, if you don't think this is even more weird, would love to meet you/ hang out when you return.

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